Make These Easy Crispy Tofu Spring Rolls With Peanut-Tamarind Sauce

I don’t know why I don’t serve spring rolls more often at home. They’re inexpensive, typically easy to prepare, and have that same DIY-at-the-table appeal that the taco nights of my youth did, but with flavors that are a little more sophisticated than premixed taco seasoning and jarred salsa.* The real key to great spring rolls is to balance the textures and flavors of the ingredients inside the soft, stretchy rice paper wrapper. For this version, I’m using tender pea shoots, along with carrots cut into a fine julienne, crispy marinated tofu, herbs, chilies, and toasted peanuts. You could add rehydrated rice or mung bean vermicelli if you’d like, or cucumbers, citrus fruits, spinach, bean sprouts, radish—really anything you want.

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