Vietnam Eat&Travel App

The ultimate guide to Vietnamese sights and fabulous street food, in an iPhone travel app.

[:Stories about eating something somewhere are really stories about the place and the people living there. Like any good travelogue, reading the story of a dish reveals a much bigger story – a cultural geography – of particular times and places:] This quotation by Susanne Freidberg served as a guide for our journeys through Southeast-Asia. We developed our website asiastreetfood with recipes, articles and tours on street food. Also, we were inspired to create this useful Vietnam Eat&Travel app. Traveling with this app gives you a deep insight into Vietnamese culture and daily living. But not only is the content unique, but its original features can be used practically. Tired of using street-maps, of marking your favorite spots with a pen and of searching endlessly for streets and places? Tired of working with online-only maps, of slowly downloading them and getting no offline functionality?

If so, download our brand-new Vietnam Eat&Travel app right away!

We have been traveling for the last 10 years through Vietnam, with its major cities and tourist places. As a tourist, for navigation and orientation, you either need a map in paper – which could end up being very uncomfortable – or you use google maps – which is both slow and only available online.So our idea was to create a small, but effective app for navigating and finding major spots, that also works offline.What should be the content of such an iPhone travel app? The main tourist attractions of course, but also – because we are foodies – the best places to get the real and authentic food of Vietnam.

What do you get?

First of all, you have detailed maps of Vietnam’s 6 major tourist spots. So you have a map of the capital Hanoi with its bustling old quarter, the colonial French quarter and more; Hoi An with its ancient town and magnificent beaches; the seaside resort of Nha Trang, Can Tho and Sa Dec in  the middle of the Mekong delta; the peaceful tropical paradise of Phu Quoc and, finally, the metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, alias Saigon.

200+ sights and places are marked on the maps

You will find the major tourist sights, but also some hidden places where no Lonely Planet guide will take you. But that’s only part of it: You get the addresses of the most famous street food stalls and insider street food restaurants, to get a real impression of what Vietnamese cuisine means. Need some time to relax? We’ll take you to the best coffee-shops and beer-stations, visited by locals and off the beaten tracks. Want to dive deeper into Vietnamese culture? Visit the local street markets, where the locals buy their daily food and other basic necessities.

Each spot has a photo and a description

Up to 4 photos per spot describe each point of interest, with the help of a detailed description, so users get to know in advance what to expect. Depending on their availability, we also provide exact addresses, opening hours, phone numbers and links to the websites of the spots.

All of the maps and features can be used offline!

Maps and other guides should be downloaded using your Wi-fi connection from home or your hotel room. Features of the app can be used later on without an internet connection, while you’re strolling down the street. The location tracking system, employed via GPS, ensures that you always know where you are.

Search addresses and places with the automatic search function

Start your journey on your couch at home, dig through your travel guide, pick the places you want by the name of the street, mark the spot and get your individual map for your journey. Take a snap shot of the description and upload it to the app. You have all the info you need in your app, while you’re on the move.

Mark your own favorite spots on the move

While you’re on the move, mark your location, enter a short description, take some snapshots and save them in your app. Try it out.The app is free to download and install. Get one map for free, test it and upgrade to using other maps and spots for prices between 0,89€ and 1,29€.